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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

                  (The best way to keep computer secure)
ESET NOD32 antivirus system is a unique virtual shield keeping all Internet threats and attacks at a safe distance from your data. It not only detects viruses, it also prevents them from attacking your computer in order to damage your documents or privacy. NOD32 products protect huge amount of virtual space all over the world, whether it be servers in large financial corporations or the computers used by your kids for homework research. It can also be a mobile device storing the contacts on your friends and family. We know you want security. We offer it to you for reasonable price.
ESET’s people have almost 20 years of experience in antivirus solution development. It’s not surprising that the company belongs to technological leaders at the market. The core of NOD32 antivirus system ThretSense™ can proactively detect and clean even the threats not yet fully known or widespread. Thus, individual users or companies, who have white-green NOD32 icon shining on their screens, can be absolutely sure that they need not to worry when reading about new dangerous viruses in the newspapers.
Many antivirus vendors do not yet have full 64-bit support for their complete line of products. ESET already supports 64-bit system in all of our products. If you already have solutions for this platform, or you are deciding to purchase them right now, it will be NOD32 that can offer you comprehensive functionality.

Why Choose ESET antivirus protection?
ESET develops antivirus software and security solutions that deliver instant comprehensive protection against evolving computer security threats.
ESET pioneered and leads the industry in proactive threat detection. Over the past 9 years, ESET has consistently achieved the highest evaluations in comparative testing of antivirus software, both in the lab and in the wild from Virus Bulletin. Our unique ThreatSense� technology automatically collects data from our worldwide user base and immediately sends feedback on new threats, making ESET smarter, while vastly reducing false positives.

ESET Smart Security is a fully integrated security solution whose features include antivirus protection, antispyware, antispam and personal firewall. ESET Smart Security is a solution that combines proactive protection, precision accuracy, speed of scanning and is lightweight, utilizing minimal computer resources. This powerful combination creates the most effective security solution in the industry.
ESET NOD32 Antivirus, ESET’s flagship product, and core feature set of ESET Smart Security, has garnered 46 VB100 awards from Virus Bulletin�more than any other security solution making it the best antivirus software.
Both products have an extremely efficient code base and eliminate the large size and unnecessary optional components found in competitive products. This means faster scanning that doesn’t slow down your computer or your network.

Sold worldwide in more than 100 countries, ESET�s elegant, proven antivirus protection software and security solutions provide simple yet unparalleled threat protection and offer customers peace of mind with the minimum amount of effort. It�s the best antivirus software available.


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