History of Resun village

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Colossus Regency, Provinsi of Archipelago Riau there is a Villagge namely countryside Resun. In this countryside there is a ceremony which-called as " Ratif Saman". It is said, this countryside have been called on by Achenese. end they are live in this countryside. But, they is not durable because in that countryside there [is] a disease epidemic endangering somebody soul. Local society mention it as disease ta'un coming from smooth creature ( eveil ghost). This ghost also often look to exist so make citizen become the fear. Besides trouble from ghost, orchard citizen also [is] often visited upon [by] therobber, they not only rob the good and chattel, but also rape and kill the people who try to fight.

To avoid various that trouble, they ( Achenese) move to isle around lingga. After hearing countryside that left by free from various trouble ( peaceful), they even also in large numbers return to place from the beginning ( Countryside Resun). But, when them remain to return [in] Countryside of Resun trouble come again, so that they, again, leaving of it. By them, area that left nicknamed as " anxious area/Resah" because its condition is fret.

News about area freting that seems do not reaching to Bangka. thefore heard is that land,lingga Island is very fertile. Hence, coming Bangka people to resun under head of Haji Muhammad Yusuf bin Haji Hasan. They found erstwhile countrified have been lived by Acheh people. Over there they try build o fulfill its life requirement. But, during not be long time, what have been experienced by Achenese come befalling, so that a lot die because disease ta'un or robber. Atmosphere even also become very freting, so that a lot wish to move to other, dissimilar island assumed peaceful. But, that desire is not executed because Haji Muhammad Yusuf bin Haji Hasan) urging they to be patient.

To assuage the follower disquiet, Haji Muhammad Yusuf bin Haji Hasan often travel to area of Serawak and Brunai to trade, then bringing four " man of parts" from that area to assist to overcome disaster in this countryside. But, fourth of that man of parts in the reality cannot overcome it. then they attacked by ta'un and pass away. They are [in] grave by compiling in one tomb. In honour of fourth " man of parts" the, name " Anxious" changed to become the " Resun". Become the, name of countryside Resun taken away from early word " Resah" that is " re" and final of word " compiling" that is " sun". " Resah" coming from Aceh people which its life is not calm after remain to in lingga, and " Susun" taken away from all bright people from Serawak and Brunai buried compile in one cave.


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