Hunting a treasure omission of Lingga empire

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

if you wish to hunt the treasure, Come to Island Kute in lingga, a lot of treasure of ommission lingga empire hidden in island kute.
A relict compiler, Tengku Kelana tell that at certain season the burried treasure in muddy ground emerge to surface. " Usually, after the rains, after water go out to sea the tide, that goods pop out to land;ground surface," he said.

only needed a long wood to find the pay dirt in the form of ceramic, idol the ommission of lingga empire. that Long wood enough entered into muddy land ground, if wood collide the hardware, hence may simply that is a pay dirt.

According to Tengku, on file burried treasure in kute Island is not destroy though old age till thousands of year, because mud characteristic is not destroy. " If in sand, ceramic can be pock marked," he said

History of treasure in Kute Island come from sink foreign ship which at moment get through the Malacca Strait. Because in form of bay, hence pickings of sunken boat gathered over there. Possible also come from sink pirate ship, muddy Land characteristic estimated to arrest detain the history object.

At home a citizen there are some typical keris of Ommission lingga empire, other Citizen find the idol Marcoplo which nowadays have been bought by the Dutch citizen.

Some lingga's citizen sales the treasure as a perquisite, because that history goods price by house auction in Singapura.


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